Monday Motivation

Do you remember guys that I made a video saying how much I regret not enjoying my time in Sydney and did not do what I truly wanted to… Well guess what…Β I came back to AustraliaΒ last week, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

First week was mainly getting over my jetlag, I had troubles sleeping at night or staying awake during the day.

Now that I have asked the universe for another chance to still go back to Sydney and do all the things I wanted to do and explore, I will not let this go to waste!!! I have regret it once and I made a mistake, I am not planning to do it again, yes, trust me. The feeling of regretting something is too painful. Although I am happy for whatever happened, like I said, lesson learned πŸ™‚ .

For my Monday Motivation blog for today, I would like to remind you all, if there is something that you really want to do and you have put your mind on doing it, just go for it. It is not easy to regret things afterwards, trust me. If you feel like you need some guidance and some help from a higher power, just ask the Universe and let it lead you to whatever you desire. Don’t forget to follow the Universe, it knows the way πŸ˜‰ .

Side note: Never be sad when whatever you asked for is not coming, the greater powers might have planned something bigger for you, or they are giving you a detour as they want you to collect a few more skills along the way.Β 

I am happy that what I asked for came to me, I know that this is where I need to be now or else I was somewhere else. This is my chance to enjoy like never before! ❀


How I got my job in Sydney

G’day mates!

How ya going?! Omg, my mind starts speaking with an Australian accent, but when I open my mouthΒ it just sounds like a Dutch accent to me. Anyways, that doesn’t matter, people seem to like my accent here, and they like me also haha ;-).

Lovely, amazing, great, beautiful Australia! What a great feeling, knowing that I took the right decision 3 months ago. And because I wanted to be here so bad I had to try everything I can to get a job! And this is how I did it.

First of all I send 100+ job applications! Changing cover letters every single time, checking the email address, checking the names, put it all in one excel sheet, call them after a week. I did all I can do to get a job. I HAD TO GET A JOB, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

And then I started thinking, how can I stand out, how can I send my application and make it look different, make it to the job interview, or even making them wanting to open the email that I’ve sent!

So I recorded a video and I just explained why I should be hired, why me, and what I am capable of doing.

  1. Bought a domain name (my own name)
  2. Asked help from a friend who can build websites
  3. Posted my CV
  4. Posted my video
  5. Sent out to 100+ companies

There was this one company who insisted on hiring me and paying me a fixed salary while the rest of the employees worked on a commission based salary. Just because of my idea.

So I would recommend toΒ take out your creativity and start working with it. You can do what I do, or you can try something totally different. As long as you are standing out of the crowd you will be NOTICED.

Good luck!